History of the Project and Acknowledgments

DSC00867 copy_thumbThe Trajan’s Column website is administered by Professor Roger B. Ulrich of Dartmouth College.  The site was started in early 2013.  The content on the pages of this site has been created by Professor Ulrich, is in the public domain, or is credited to the person(s) or entities that have given permission to include it here.  Preparation of the content since 2002 has been aided by student research assistants including Christina Miller ’02, Allia Benner ’10, Zhenwei Mei ’14, Lucas Dube ’16 and Thomas Rover ’16.

Technical support has been offered by the Arts and Humanities Resource Center at Dartmouth College, with particular assistance for the creation of this site by JoAnn Gonzalez-Major, formerly of Dartmouth’s Educational Technologies.  Additional assistance, including financial support for research trips to Rome and the hosting of this site, has been generously offered by the office of the Dean of the Faculty, Dartmouth College.  Close examination of the Column in situ has been aided through the Comune di Roma offices; special thanks to Dott.ssa Lucrezia Ungaro of the Museo dei Fori Imperiali.

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