Drawings of Jules Duvaux (1865)

The line drawings of Jules Duvaux were published in W. Froehner’s La Colonne Trajane in 1865.  The photo gallery here reproduces the engravings made for the last two-thirds of the book: “Les Bas-Reliefs de la Colonne Trajane” (from page 61).  The first illustration represents the principal (southeast) side of the Column’s pedestal.  Froehner and Duvaux did not provide an illustration for every episode.  For example, the first set of scenes is omitted; the initial representation of figural relief is a detail of the River Danube (scene 3).  The images in the gallery here are complete and shown in the order they appear in the original volume.  Cichorius’s system of scene numbering was not to be invented for several decades, thus it should be no surprise that the numbering of the engravings here does not match the system introduced by Cichorius.  In some cases the original Duvaux engraving is represented side-by-side with  a photograph of the same scene as cast in 1861.  While some surface details do vary, Duvaux’s attempt to represent the reliefs faithfully is admirable.


Images from W. Froehner, La Colonne Trajane (Paris 1865) with illustrations by Jules Duvaux

[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-37-38_web.jpg]55370Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 37-38
Scene 37: Attack and defeat of the Sarmatians; Scene 38: Attack by night against the Dacians.<br />Compare Cichorius Plates XXVIII-XXIX.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-37-38.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_froehner-1865-5_adjppt.jpg]54920Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 3
= Cichorius Scene 3: The River Danube watches over Romans crossing the river. Compare Cichorius Plate VI.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-3.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_river-danube-composite.jpg]47920Trajan's Column: the River Danube
Left: Scene (3) of the River Danube by Duvaux in Froehner (1865).<br />Right: Cast of the same scene made at about the same time (1861-2); Ref: RBU 2011.6914-F-D-3.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-4-det2-web.jpg]46890Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 4 (detail)
Scene 4: River crossing. <br />From the original publication of 1865: pg. 71; Ref: F-D-4-det2.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_froehner-1865_base-of-the-column.png]47880Froehner-Duvaux: The pedestal of the Column
From the original publication of 1865: pg. 61, "Le Piédestal."
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-4_web.jpg]44620Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 4
= Cichorius Scene 4: Soldiers march over pontoon bridges of Trajan's Column. <br />Compare Cichorius Plate VII. From the original publication of 1865: pg. 69; Ref: F-D-4.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-4-det-web.jpg]43460Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 4 (detail)
Scene 4: Roman soldiers carry their kit.<br />= Cichorius Scene 4. From the original publication of 1865: pg. 70; Ref: F-D-4-det1.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-5-web.jpg]41420Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 5
= Cichorius Scene 5: Romans on the march. Compare Cichorius Plate VIII.<br />From the original publication of 1865: pg. 74; Ref: F-D-5.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_froehner-1865-11_adj.jpg]40391Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 9
= Cichorius Scene 9: the omen(?) of the man falling off the horse in the presence of Trajan. Compare Cichorius Pl. X.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-9.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-18-20-web.jpg]41860Froenher-Duvaux: Scenes 18-19-20
Trajan's Column Scenes 18-20.<br />Compare Cichorius Plate XIV-XV.<br />From the original 1865 publication; Ref: F-D-18-20.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-24-25_web.jpg]41170Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 24-25
Trajan's Column Scenes 24-25.<br />Compare Cichorius PL. XIX-XX.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-24-25.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-29-31_web.jpg]39840Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 29-30-31
Trajan's Column scenes 29, 28, beginning of 31.<br />Compare Cichorius Plate XXIII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-29-31.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-32-33_web.jpg]39310Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 32-33
Scene 32: Dacians attack a Roman Fort; Scene 33(partially shown): Romans depart from a riverside.<br />Compare Cichorius Plate XXXV.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-32-33.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-35-36-web.jpg]38960Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 35-36
Scene 35: Trajan disembarks on the riverbank; Scene 36 (to right): The infantry set out.<br />Compare Cichorius Plates XXVI-XXVII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-35-36.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-38-39_web.jpg]38270Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 38-39
Scene 38: Battle by night against the Dacians (up to the tree on the far right).<br />Compare Cichorius Plate XXIX. From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-38-39.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-39-40-web.jpg]37260Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 39-40
Scene 39 (left): Trajan, camp-building scene; Scene 40 (right): Roman soldiers engage Dacians.<br />Compare Cichorius Plate XXX-XXXI.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-39-40
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-40-41-web.jpg]36900Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 40-41
Scene 40: A battle rages against the Dacians.Scene 41 (after the tree divider): the Dacians are routed.<br />Compare Cichorius Plate XXXII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-40-41.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-40-web.jpg]36150Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 40
Scene 40: Roman soldiers battle Dacians; prisoners are taken. Compare to Cichorius Plate XXXI.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-40.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-40-p105-web.jpg]35500Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 40 (detail)
Scene 40: Detail of Roman ballistics, on the tops of casts nos. 104-105. Compare to Cichorius Pl. XXXI. <br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-40det.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-44-45-46-web.jpg]35820Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 44-45-46
Scene 44 (left): Trajan rewards his soldiers; Scene 45 (middle): Prisoners (Romans?) are tortured; Scene 46 (right): Trajan embarks. Compare Cichorius Plate XXXIV.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref. F-D-44-45-46.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-60-61-62-web.jpg]35280Froehner-Duvaux: Scenes 60-61-62
Scene 60 (left): Construction of a fort; Scene 61 (middle): Trajan receives Dacian emissaries; Scene 62 (right): moving carts into mountainous terrain (warfare scene continues to right). Compare Cichorius Plates XLII-XLIII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-60-61.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-62det-web.jpg]34420Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 62 (detail)
Scene 62: Soldiers and a tholos-type structure in the mountains. Compare Cichorius Plate XLIII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-62det.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-66b-web.jpg]35520Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 66
Scene 66: Roman ballistae are set up on the walls of a fort (visible in the upper left) and among log-reinforced defenses. Compare Cichorius Plate XLVII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-66b.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-66-web.jpg]34260Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 66 (detail)
Scene 66 (detail): Roman artillery.Compare Cichorius Plate XLVI.From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-66.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-66c-web.jpg]33770Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 66 (detail)
Scene 66 (detail): Detail of a log-built bunker wall covered with leaves, perhaps for camoflage or to suppress enemy attack by fire. Compare to Cichorius Plate XLVII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-66c.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-73-web.jpg]34290Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 73
Scene 73(?): Froehner assigns this detail to the scene he identifies as no. 59; it belongs to a representation of Trajan convening his praetorians. The figures in question are very damaged. Compare Cichorius LIII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-73.
[img src=http://www.trajans-column.org/wp-content/flagallery/f_d_plates/thumbs/thumbs_f-d-78-web.jpg]36271Froehner-Duvaux: Scene 78
Scene 78: The end of the first Dacian War. Trophies and Victory. Compare Cichorius Plate LVII.<br />From the original publication of 1865; Ref: F-D-78.

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